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Val Cushing

My work in this exhibition attempts to expand the imaginative potential of pottery forms as vessels and sculpture. I find references and influences for my work from diverse sources. I look closely at things I love, often drawing them and then employing certain aspects of their visual dynamics in the work. Nature and organic forms are a primary source for my ideas, but all sorts of other things are too. Aspects of architectural columns have been an influence in some of my pieces as have references to various pieces from the history of ceramics. I believe that every successful work of art reflects an intelligent and enlightened combination of imaginative ideas with highly developed skills and craftsmanship.

Sherd Platter

For Further Information Contact
Val M. Cushing / VC Pottery
1497 Water Wells Road
Alfred Station, NY 14803
Phone: 607-587-9193 Fax: 607-587-9036