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Richard Hirsh

Bowl with Weapon Artifact Series

The Intention of this body of work is to construct metaphorical containers that are concerned with ceremonial presentations and that are referential to archaic vessel prototypes. I am striving to encode these objects with symbolic meanings and emotional powers. Ultimately these pieces are engaged in a dialogue between personal aesthetic expression and universal recognition.

With my previous series of tripod vessels the well spring was clearly identifiable. These pieces connected with and pointed directly towards bronze ritual vessels, from Shang Dynasty, China. Along with pre-Columbian earthenware tripod containers, these two archetypal vessel formats served as my principal historical references. However the newer work is much more eclectic. In a way there is no exact prototype. These objects act as an expressive conglomerate. Sustenance is drawn from multi-cultural archaic ceremonial artifacts; such as stone basins, mortar-pestles, jade containers, tools and weaponry.

“Altar Bowl #35”

“Altar Bowl #28”

For Further Information Contact

Richard Hirsh, 835 Hosmer Road, Churchville, NY 14428

Photography: Geoff Tesch