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Candone M. Wharton

Candone Wharton's fine crafted, hand build vessels are uniquely carved with basketweave and block print designs. She is best known for her intricate work, fine luster glazes and her development of a technique that produces a metallic like gold luster. Using Raku techniques, it is this striking combination of exciting surfaces that she intermixes that creates the mystery. When viewing her work you are transformed to a timeless place with it own language. Her surfaces speak in this language, transmitting the effect of the influence of African potters and her love for this media.

Having received a BFA from University of Georgia, living in Sweden for five years and with the Cuna Indians in Panama for one year, she arrived at the Spanish island of Ibiza. For fifteen years she made this island her home and developed many of the techniques she uses today.

“Amphora Abierta”

For Further Information Contact

Candone M. Wharton 2407 Laurel Avenue, Sanford, Fl. 32771
407-328-7920 Fax: 407-321-0011

Photography: Jerry Anthony