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Art Liestman
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Luck of the Draw
5.75” high x 4.75” diameter
A puzzling illusion vessel in big leaf maple and ebony.

In my puzzling illusion series, incised outlines of jigsaw puzzle pieces break up the object’s surface, interacting with the wood’s natural figure and grain. These familiar interlocking puzzle shapes are instantly recognizable and we are used to seeing surfaces interrupted in this fashion. Thus, we can either focus on the outlines or ignore them to concentrate on the figure of the wood.

The surface of each object is incomplete with pieces “missing” from the puzzle. The resulting holes and incomplete edges are reminiscent of the natural voids and natural edges left in many woodturnings, but their puzzle shape is decidedly non-natural. The holes allow a glimpse of the inside of a vessel and reveal its thickness. This thickness is appropriate for a jigsaw puzzle, enhancing the illusion that the object is composed of individual puzzle pieces. The incomplete object appears to be caught in the process of being assembled or disassembled. A few loose pieces are often included to further enhance the illusion of the interrupted process.

For Further Information Contact

Art Leistman
2044 Palliser Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3K1W7
Photography: Kenji Nagai