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Jack Slentz
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Grouping of three tallest is 22" the weight is about 32 depth is about 6"

Turned, carved and charred. These pieces are about the sameness we have as human beings in our core. We want to be loved, cared for, and treated with respect. And like the “individuals” have different textures we each have very different personalities but our insides are the same.

Jack Slentz’s work reduces and simplifies both natural and man-made forms. Some forms he uses as points of departure are manhole covers, trees, seedpods, spears, shields, masks, as well as primitive tools and utensils. “Their form, pattern and texture influence me; their surfaces have a sense of rhythm that implies movement.”

The rhythm of line and sense of movement carved into the works are merely the expressive marks of drawing in wood, enhancing the natural beauty of its grain. A natural evolution of green wood is checking and splitting. Jack tries to incorporate this by letting it enhance the piece’s surface.

For Further Information Contact

Jack R. Slentz
1104 Sunshine Way
Sante Fe, NM 87507
Phone/Fax: 505-471-4397
Photography: Wendy McEahern