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Jacques Vesery
Damariscotta, Maine

Timeless Currents
6"h x 5" D
Carved/ textured cherry, jabin burl rim

“In Many Ways I’ve Tried to Fly”
There is a Dichotomy in nature between elegance and rustic beauty, as is the differences of realism, impressionism and dreaming. A significant component to my work relates to my awaken dreams. Many days I question this time spent…Why are there so many days I see nothing but daydreams? Why are there days when all I hear is the wind and the hawks in flight? Why are there times when my work tries to fly? Why on those days have I tried to fly?….The days between bring ideas flowing faster than the clouds, so there’s no time to fly, yet creates an illusion, tangible, or just a dream. It takes four things to create illusion and four things to fly; the energy to see, the willingness to hear, a compassionate heart and the ability to daydream.

For Further Information Contact

Jacques Vesery
71 Lessner Road
Damariscotta, ME 04543
Photography: Ronn Orenstein