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Tom Dunne
New Orleans, Louisiana

Southwest Olla #10
10.5” wide x 6” high
Spalted sugar maple, hollow vessel

I have had a passion for wood for as long as I can remember. Playing the cello at an early age, I loved the sound it gave. The smell, feel and colors found in different woods excite me with possibilities. The respect I have for the power, beauty and contribution trees make to the planet and my life, drive my commitment to bringing the importance and beauty of wood alive in an artistic way.

Several themes influence my artwork. I am inspired by the designs of great cultures of the past; Egyptian, Pueblo, Inca and oriental, and by the diversity of the human race which produced these cultures. I support conservation and the preservation of all nature's flora and fauna. I believe in recycling materials to create pieces of art that will last lifetimes. Thus, I use segmentation and coring techniques to conserve valuable hardwoods while creating designs that emphasize the diversity of colors in nature. I recycle construction timbers and "found" wood from both urban and rural sites that would otherwise be thrown away. The incredibly varied shapes from nature intrigue me. Mathematical curves offer infinite variety of forms. My art unifies these themes and offers timeless beauty for our increasingly complex world.

My “Unity” series incorporates segmented layers and cored wood of the same species. Another series, ”Theme and Variations”, uses the same species of wood in a variation of shapes to create urns and vessels in the Southwest Pueblo design tradition. Finally, my “inspired by nature” series reflects the incredible forms found in nature.

Each piece is unique, a statement of my commitment to simplicity of design, good craftsmanship and respect for this extraordinary material. I hope that my work will be collected and appreciated as a reminder of the importance of art, and the trees from which it comes, in our lives.

For Further Information Contact

Tom Dunne
7820 Jeannette Place
New Orleans, LA 70118
Photography: Tom Dunne