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The beauty, life, vitality, essence, or spirit, whatever one may call it, is what matters to me in the work I want to own and make.

The objects I make are mostly bowls or vessels that are not made to be used as containers. The vessel form is a basic shape for all mankind with a rich history. I like to feel a part of that tradition.

Transparent enamel has been fascinating to me because of its ability to catch and reflect light. At time the transparent enameled surface seems to expand its boundaries. Many of my bowls are designed to seem to contain light.


  Vessel #2132
9.25" h x 4" x 3.5" dia.
electroplated foil, iron, plated cylinder


  Vessel #2116
6.5"h x 6.25"w
copper enamel

For Further Information Contact

June Schwarcz
co/ The Sybaris Gallery
202 East Third Street
Royal Oak, MI 48076
fax: (248) 544-8101

Photo credit: The Sybaris Gallery