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Christopher R. Ellison

For as long as I can remember, I have had the greatest fascination with the vessel as an artifact. Its' function, utilitarian or not, its' history, its' maker, all contribute of create the spirit of that object.

Formally trained in hollow ware, I began to explore unconventional techniques for creating metal vessel forms. Searching for a method to fabricate the vessel without using heat, I experimented with traditional basket making techniques. I found this process very exciting. It allowed me the freedom and spontaneity lacking in traditional metalsmithing. Thus I am able to concentrate more on the qualities I feel are important:

utility, antiquity, spirituality.

Using the basketry as my vehicle, I try to instill these qualities in the form.


 Leafed Vase Form
Brass & Steel, 18" x 10" x 10"


 Judy's Basket
Brass & Steel, 24" x 24" x 12"


 Large Basket Form
Brass & Steel, 26" x 26" x 10"

For Further Information Contact Christopher R. Ellison 7340 Evert Road Bloomfield, NY 14469 1-716-229-2423