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This work is an outgrowth of my fascination for the complexities inherent to the vessel. Through reference to structures of containment which occur in nature; shells, nests, chrysalis, and pods the work explores the interdependent role of the vessel. Relationships evident between exterior and interior, transitions into and out-of the structure, expansion, contraction, growth and decay, as well as stability, balance, and utility are but a few of the issues which can be seen to play a vital role in the evolution and development of natural structures. Thru my observation of these forms and within the format of the utilitarian vessel my goal is to create a personal vocabulary of form and function rooted in my interpretation of successful natural forms.


"Defining Space" Vase #12
8.5"x6.5" x6.5"

For Further Information Contact

Thomas S. Madden
6796 Hartland
Temperance, MI 48182