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This exhibition, the fourth in a series, embodies an array of innovative approaches from a diverse group of emerging and established artists. It is difficult, while viewing works from Christian Burchard or Trent Bosch, to separate this group of artists from references to wood’s ancient utilitarian history. But it is the emotional impact of their work, which causes one to question the boundaries of what has been traditionally thought of as the medium of wood. Whether turned, carved or shaped, the array of techniques employed is only the method that these artists have used to visually explore their individual sculptural language and their need to push the limits of the medium that they have chosen.

From the breathtaking transparent form of Ron Kent to the technically complex vessel by Art Liestman, this exhibition gives focus to the rich activity by artists dedicated to this form of expression. It has been a pleasure to serve as the Curator for the Vessel Invitational Series. I share with Katherine Page the hope that this exhibition will continue to inspire current and emerging artists.

Laurie dill-Kocher